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Every great blog needs a great web host.  Your web host is the system that “serves” your site to the Internet so it can be viewed when your domain name is entered into the browser.  And, your domain name is registered with your web host in order for them to “serve” it.  Simple as that!

Web hosting can be a bit confusing though, because there are so many hosts to choose from.  Well, I’m going to simplify the process for you by recommending the best web host in the industry and showing you exactly how to sign up!

The web host I use and recommend is SiteGround.  They offer incredible load speed (this is the time it takes your site to load once your domain name is entered into someone’s browser); their security is the best of the top 12 web hosts in the industry, AND their 24/7 customer service is second to none. And believe me, I’m very picky about customer service!

Here’s how to set it up!

Click here to go to SiteGround’s home page.  The first screen you are going to see is this one:


How to Sign-Up With Siteground


You have two options:  “Sign Up” or “See Plans”.  Click on the “See Plans” link and you will be directed to this page:


How to Sign-Up With Siteground

You will see 3 plans listed – StartUp, GrowBig and GoGeek.  As you can see, each plan has the same 4 features, and then there are more added as you pay more money.  For a blogger just starting out, just choose the StartUp plan.  It is more than sufficient for most bloggers needs, and if your site grows, you can always switch over to the  next plan up.  SiteGround makes it easy that way.

Once you have decided which plan to go with, click “Get Started”.  This will take you to the domain registration page:

How to Sign-Up With SitegroundThis page offers you two options:  “Register a New Domain” or “I Already Have a Domain”.  If you’re a brand new blogger and have never had your own website before, you are going to choose “Register a New Domain”.  This is where you will enter the domain name you decided on, on Day 1.  If you have a domain name which you own, meaning you have already registered it with a web hosting company, you would choose “I Already Have a Domain”, and SiteGround will switch it over for you at a small cost.

Once you have entered your domain name, click “Proceed” and you’ll land here:

Top of Page:

How to Sign-Up With Siteground

Bottom of Page:

How to Sign-Up With Siteground

At the top, where it says “”, your new domain name will be listed. is my blog’s evil twin.  It’s a fictional domain name I used as an example.

Fill out all of the information this page asks for.  All the fields on the top of the page are pretty self-explanatory, so I won’t go into each of them in detail, however there are three options at the bottom of the page that are NOT mandatory that require a little information as follows:

Website File Transfer:  Choose this if you have an existing website that you want to transfer from another web host to Siteground.  There is a charge for this, but SiteGround often offers it for free.

SSL Certificate for 1 year:  Purchasing an SSL Certificate offers you more security by encrypting data which is entered into your blog by third parties, for example, if you are selling something and people will be providing you with credit card information.  Again, there is a charge for this, but SiteGround often offers it for free.

SG Site Scanner:  This is extra security for your site, as described in the info SiteGround provides.

If you want any of these extra services, just click on the boxes beside them, click to confirm that you have read and agree to the SiteGround Terms of Service, and click “PAY NOW” at the bottom of the page.

Wait a couple of minutes, and a page will appear confirming your payment and, voila, you will have given birth to a bouncing baby blog!


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